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SELECTED ITEMS FOR SPECIAL LIBRARY DATA REQUESTS EXCEL FORMATS. NOTE: Change according to institutes requirements In contents, enter the item ids for the items selected from the full database download **CHANGE TEMPLATE IF LIBRARY SPECIFIC HAS BEEN SET UP (can change name also) **GENERIC: jbs-choose-items Can save as pdf or text, OR copy the table data and paste directly to excel, as follows: FOR EXCEL: Highlight ONLY TITLE ROW DOWN and copy. In blank Excel worksheet, paste as unicode text. Data should paste as columns with a header row, ready for review and format. EXCEL REVIEW: Depending on vendor, further manipulations and formatting will be needed. In any case, format the EAN and ISBN as numbers with no decimal. List price may need to be formatted as numbers rather than currency. Other breakdowns may be needed: Eg. fiction or non-fiction, year of pub, etc. Verify Arabic text is wanted. Review to verify adequate stock and make additions or deletions. Some columns may be included for internal review info only and should be deleted after review, for example the orderable column or the caption.

OrderableProduct IDAudience
(Adult/Juvenile/Young Adult)
(Hardcover,Softcover, Board Book, etc)
Fiction/NonFictionTitle in ArabicTransliterated TitleTitle in English (if applicable)Author in Original Language
(Last Name, First Name)
Author in English
(Last Name, First Name)
ISBNPricesalePriceLanguageSubject/ThemePublisherPublication DateNumber of PagesDimensionsDescription/Summary/ReviewsURL to website