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Bahbel: Makkah Multiverse باهبل

By: Alem, Raja رجاء عالم

Language: Arabic


عائلة «السردار» نموذج للعائلة المكية العريقة، من خلالها نرى حياة مكة. وعلى الخصوص حياة النساء في مكة في الفترة ما بين 1945 حتى عام 2009 وهي الفترة التي شهدت تحولات كثيرة في حياة أهالي تلك المدينة التي تعيش على وقع وجود الحرم فيها.
في عائلة يسيطر فيها الأب على كل مناحي الحياة يولد الطفل «عباس» (باهبل)، الذي كان أحد توأمين، بحسب ما قالت القابلة، لكن توأمه شرد! وعاش قريبًا من نساء العائلة، وقرر أن يكتب حيواتهن.

Shortlisted for the 2024 International Prize for Arabic Fiction (Arab Booker), «Bahbel:Makkah Multiverse» by Saudi writer Rima Bali.

The Al-Sardars are a typical example of an ancient and noble family in Makkah. Into this family, where the father controls every aspect of their lives, a child is born – Abbas (Bahbel) – as one of a pair of twins; yet the midwife says the other twin has ‘disappeared’. Abbas grows up close to the women of the family, and decides to write about their lives. Through this novel, we see Makkah – and in particular, the lives of women living there – from 1945 to 2009, a period of huge change in a city dominated by the presence of sacred shrines. - (

Shortlisted for the 2024 International Prize for Arabic Fiction

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Product Details
By:Alem, Raja رجاء عالم
Pages: 336 pp
Publisher:Dar Al Tanwir, Beirut 2023
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Arabic Fiction - Saudi Arabia

More Information

About the author
Raja Alem is a Saudi novelist born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, in 1975, who currently resides in Paris. She began her writing career publishing work in the cultural supplement of the Riyadh newspaper and formerly wrote experimental plays for the theatre. Her most notable novels include «The Silk Road» (1995), «The Holy Man», Wahadanah (1998), «Khatem» (2007), «The Doves’ Necklace» (2010) and «Sarab» (2018), which was published in English and German.

Bahbel: Makkah Multiverse باهبل

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