MENUMENU -مكتبة جرير

The Light of Clarification and Salvation of the Souls

By: Shurunbulali, Imam (d.1069/1659)

Language: English


This is a new translation of «Nur al-Idah wa Najat al-Arwah», a classical manual of Hanafi law by Imam Hasan bin Ammar bin Ali al-Shurunbulali – an Early 17th Century Egyptian-Ottoman scholar.

Nur al-Idah combines rulings from the great works of the Hanafi school on the issues of purification, prayer, and fasting. These issues are present in other books but are spread out and difficult to read, or they simply require clarification. The author writes in a very deliberate and scholarly method, and gradually ramps up its level of nuance.

This important primer, though written in the 17th century, has had unanimous acceptance in the Sunni Muslim world since and is usually the first text studied in the Hanafi school by the student up until today.

This translation is clear, with additional space for making hand-written notes and beneficial footnotes that make it an indispensable resource for any serious student of the Hanafi school, whether studying the text in English or any other language. In this edition of the translation, there is an added appendix on Zakah to cover the immediate core areas of worship that are essential in every Muslim's daily and yearly life. The layman and the student alike will no doubt benefit from this priceless work.

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Product Details
By:Shurunbulali, Imam (d.1069/1659)
Pages: 242 pp
Publisher:Imam Ghazali Publications, Indianapolis 2023
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Early Work - Islam - Prayer - Fasting - Hanafi Madhhab

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About the Author

Imam Hasan bin Ammar bin Ali al-Shurunbulali was born in Egypt in 994 AH (1586 CE). He studied the sacred sciences at al-Azhar University until he became one of the most pre-eminent jurists of his time. He authored «Nur al-Idah» in the year 1032 AH and then wrote a commentary on it named «Imdad al-Fattah» which he summarised into the book «Maraqi al-Falah». He passed away on Friday after the afternoon prayer on 21st Ramadan in the year 1069 AH (1659 CE).

The Light of Clarification and Salvation of the Souls

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