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Tajirah al-Kharz تاجرة الخرز

By: Atta, Sefi سيفي عطا

Language: Arabic


«تاجرة الخرز» والرواية تأليف الأديبة النيجيرية سيفي عطا وترجمة زينة إدريس ومراجعة وتحرير مركز التعريب والبرمجة في بيروت. تشكل الحرب النيجيرية نقطة مركزية تتكئ عليها الأديبة سيفي عطا في تحديد الحقبة الزمنية لروايتها «تاجرة الخرز»؛ لذلك تحضر في الرواية لاغوس، يناير 1976، بعد ستّ سنوات من الحرب الأهلية النيجيرية لتمثل زمكانياً المرحلة التاريخية التي تسبق وتلي الحرب وما حصل خلالها من تغيرات سياسة واجتماعية بما فيها أنشطة التجسّس الأميركية داخل نيجيريا.

Translated to Arabic, «2019: The Bead Collector», a 2019 novel by Nigerian-American writer Sefi Atta (b. 1964). Lagos, January 1976, six years after the Nigerian Civil War. A new military regime has been in power for six months, but rumors are spreading that a countercoup is imminent. At an art exhibition in the affluent Ikoyi neighborhood, Remi Lawal, a Nigerian woman who runs her own greeting-card shop, meets Frances Cooke, who introduces herself as an American art dealer, in Nigeria to buy rare beads. They become friends and over the next few weeks confide in each other about their aspirations, loyalties, marriage, motherhood-and Nigeria itself, as hospitable Remi welcomes the enigmatic Frances into her world. Remi's husband, Tunde, naturally suspects Frances-like any American in Lagos-of gathering intelligence for the CIA, yet she is unconvinced. Cynical about the country's unending instability, and alienated by the shallowness of the city's elite, she willingly shares her views with Frances. But the February 13 assassination of General Muhammed prompts Remi to reconsider one particular conversation with her new acquaintance in a different light. Her discouragement overcome by a reawakened sense of patriotism, she begins to doubt that the bead collector is who she claims to be. With her signature subtlety and wit, Sefi Atta examines a brief but profound friendship, and one Nigerian mother's yearning-amid legacies of conflict and uncertainty-to help build her country from home.

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Product Details
By:Atta, Sefi سيفي عطا
Pages: 422 pp
Publisher:Thaqafa, UAE 2021
Dimensions:14 x 20 cm
ISBN:OCLC: 1310324211
Topic:Translated Literature - Nigerian-American Fiction

Tajirah al-Kharz تاجرة الخرز

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