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Ta'am Sahih li-Tifl al-Qawi طعام صحي لطفل قوي

By: Australian Women's Weekly / Tr: Faqih, Dina ترجمة ديما فقيه.

Language: Arabic


كتاب لاستكشاف الطرق لتحضير أطباق سيعشقها أولادكم وتساعدهم على الحفاظ على بنيتهم السليمة. من الفطور إلى العشاء، مرورًا بعلب الغداء والوجبات الخفيفة، يحوي أيضًا هذا الكتاب بعض الوصفات الّتي يمكن لأولادكم أن يجرّبوها بنفسهم ومرفقة بنصائح عن العوامل الغذائية.

Translation to Arabic of «Food for Fit and Healthy Children» Everyone knows about the epidemic of child obesity in the Western world and most parents are worried - an overweight child will almost certainly become an overweight adult with all the health risks that come with it. «Food for Fit & Healthy Kids» explores the ways you can cook food your kids will love - unlike 'worthy' food that they won't go near - and that will help them keep fit. Breakfasts, lunchboxes and snacks are featured as well as dinner and some recipes the kids can try for themselves. Tips throughout the book explain nutrition facts more fully.

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Product Details
By:Australian Women's Weekly / Tr: Faqih, Dina ترجمة ديما فقيه.
Pages: 119 pp, Color Photos
Publisher:Hachette Antoine, Beirut 2010
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Nutrition- Health Foods

Ta'am Sahih li-Tifl al-Qawi طعام صحي لطفل قوي
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