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Naqd Falsafat Darwin نقد فلسفة دارون

By: Isfahani (Asfahani), Muhammad Rida al-Najafi محمد رضا النجفي الأصفهاني

Language: Arabic


والكتاب منقسم إلى قسمين:
أولهما: يتضمن انتقاد هذه الفلسفة من الجهة الدينية، ثم الجهة العلمية.
وثانيهما: يتضمن ذكر الدليل على الإثبات، ودحض ما لفقته المعطلة من الشبهات، عدا ماف يها من فوائد مستطردة وتنبيهات مهمة.

A response of Abi Majd al-Najafi al-Isfahani (Asfahani) to the philosophy of Darwin and Darwinism. In it Asfahani argues for existence of God, Creation, cause and effect, and more. Written by Abi al-Majd al-Najafi al-Isfahani

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Product Details
By:Isfahani (Asfahani), Muhammad Rida al-Najafi محمد رضا النجفي الأصفهاني
Pages: 414 pp
Publisher:Dar Ihya al-Turuth al-Arabi, Beirut, 2015
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
ISBN-13:Written by Abi al-Majd al-Najafi al-Isfahani
Topic:Phlosophy - Darwin Criticism

وصف المنتج

The 1st discourse deals with the discussions of the affirmation of the creator, analysis of the end, the circumstances of creating the world from non-existence and non-eternity of material and in the meantime the accurate reply of the commentators of Darwin and the quality of their reasoning have been mentioned.

2nd Discourse deals with the defense of religions and a reply to contemporary doubts in negation of religions, in defense of materialism and some of the Marxist ideas.

Naqd Falsafat Darwin نقد فلسفة دارون

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