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Book of Emaan

By: Yasin, Muhammad / Ibn Taymiyyah ( 661/1263 - 728/1328 ) ابن تيمية

Language: English


Based on both contemporary and classical works primarily from the polymath Ibn Taymiyyah, whose work by the same name this book draws heavily from as well as dozens of other sources, we find a codified interpretation on the aspects of faith 'Emaan'. The book deals mostly with the six aspects of faith in Islam which are taken from the famous Hadith of Umar ibn Khattab when the angel Gabriel 'came to teach you your religion'. Namely; 1) Faith in Allah (God), 2) Angels,3) Messengers and Prophets, 4) Quran & other Scriptures, 5) The Afterlife (Ahkira, day of judgment, heaven & hell etc) and 6) Divine Will & Decree ( Qada & Qadar).

The book concludes with some judgments/rulings on what faith is in reality or in other words its 'practical application' in our day to day and how to strengthen it. Finally the conclusion ends with what disbelief (Kufr) is and certain major and minor sins, that account for the weakening's of one's faith.

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Product Details
By:Yasin, Muhammad / Ibn Taymiyyah ( 661/1263 - 728/1328 ) ابن تيمية
Pages: 266 pp
Publisher:Firdous, 2003
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Early Works - Islam - Aqeeda / Creed

Book of Emaan
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