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Qadiyah al-Qablat wa Baqiyah al-Ijtihadiyat قضية القبلات وبقية الاجتهادات

By: Banna, Jamal (1920-2013) جمال البنا

Language: Arabic


قضية القبلات و بقية الإجتهادات : التدخين لا يفسد الصيام ، حرية الفكر و الإعتقاد ، قضايا المرأة ، حلق اللحية من الكبائر
Qadiyat al-Qubulat wa-Baqiyat al-Ijtihadat : al-Tadkhin la Yufsidu al-Siyam, Hurriyat al-Fikr wa-al-I'tiqad, Qadaya al-Mar'ah, Halq a-Lihyah min al-Kaba'ir.

By the Egyptian author and scholar Jamal al-Banna (1920-2013). a work on the application of Islamic law on various issues, most especially in personal eg, smoking breaking the fast, shaving the beard, women's issues, freedom of thought and belief. etc. The author was considered a liberal scholar. He is known for his criticism of application of Islamic law and hadiths that were contradictory to the Qur'an. As such, he rejected the Salafi thinking as living in the past, and advocated to uphold the essence of religion, not the appearance. His work presents the view of the Salafi, other jurists, and a view for a new jurisprudence.

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Product Details
By:Banna, Jamal (1920-2013) جمال البنا
Pages: 224 pp
Publisher:Intishar, Beirut, 2011
Dimensions:16 x 23 cm
Topic:Islamic Moderism - Customs and Practices - Usul al-Fiqh

Qadiyah al-Qablat wa Baqiyah al-Ijtihadiyat  قضية القبلات وبقية الاجتهادات

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