MENUMENU -مكتبة جرير

Kull Shay' Ana La Atadhkuruhu كل شيء أنا لا أتذكره

By: Khemiri, Jonas Hassen يونس حسن خميري / Tr: Ibrahim, Hussam حسام إبراهيم

Language: Arabic


«يقول الناس إن صموئيل ولايد كانا رفقاء الروح ، وأن قصة حبهما كانت ساحرة تمامًا ، وأنهما كانا موجودين لبعضهما البعض. يقول الناس أن صموئيل فعل ذلك من أجل الانتقام ، لأنه كان يشعر بالغيرة ، لأنه أراد أن يجبر لايد على تذكره» يقول الناس إن الأمر لم يكن ليحدث أبدًا لو لم يتدخل فانداد ، وأنه كان خطأ فانداد ، وأن فانداد فعل أي شيء من أجل المال.

Translated to Arabic, «Allt jag inte minns» (Everything I Don't Remember), a novel by Swedish writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri, first published in 2016. Winner of the August Prize, Sweden’s most prestigious literary honor, and from one of Sweden’s most celebrated and famous young writers, an innovative and gripping murder mystery...

A young man named Samuel dies in a horrible car crash. Was it an accident or was it suicide? To answer that question, an unnamed writer with an agenda of his own sets out to map Samuel’s last day alive. Through conversations with friends, relatives, and neighbors, a portrait of Samuel emerges: the loving grandchild, the reluctant bureaucrat, the loyal friend, the contrived poseur—the young man who did everything for his girlfriend Laide and shared everything with his best friend Vandad. Until he lost touch with them both.

By piecing together an exhilarating narrative puzzle, we follow Samuel from the first day he encounters the towering Vandad to when they become roommates. We meet Panther, Samuel’s self-involved childhood friend whose move to Berlin indirectly cues the beginning of Samuel’s search for the meaning of love—which in turn leads Samuel to Laide. Soon, Samuel’s relationship with Laide leads to a chasm in his friendship with Vandad, and it isn’t long before the lines between loyalty and betrayal, protection, and peril get blurred irrevocably.

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Product Details
By:Khemiri, Jonas Hassen يونس حسن خميري / Tr: Ibrahim, Hussam حسام إبراهيم
Pages: 279 pp
Publisher:Al-Mada Group, Beirut/Damascus/Baghdad, 2021 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:14 x 21.5 cm
Topic:Translated Literature - Novel - Mystery - Investigation - Sweden

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About The Author
Jonas Hassen Khemiri is one of the most important writers of his generation. He has written four acclaimed novels and one collection of short stories, essays and plays. Khemiri is also a celebrated playwright whose work has been performed on stages around the world and who received an Obie Award in 2011 for his Off-Broadway play Invasion!. He lives in Stockholm.

Kull Shay' Ana La Atadhkuruhu كل شيء أنا لا أتذكره

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