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Kunuz 'Ealamina: al-Ma'a كنوز عالمنا : الماء

By: Quarto Group / Tr: Mutlaq, Albert

Language: Arabic

Flexi Card Cover

كنوز عالمنا : الماء
استكشف، استطلع وابتكر!
يغطي الماء معظم كوكبنا. وهو ضروري لأنواع الكائنات الحية كلها. فما هو هذا الماء؟

«What on Earth? Water - Explore, create and investigate!» translated to Arabic.

Learn all about the water cycle and find out how water shapes our planet. Make a precipitation gauge or grow your own stalactite. Find out how important it is to conserve water and harness its energy.

This series takes a cross-disciplinary approach to science, exploring natural elements in our world through stories, culture, history and art - as well as the science behind each topic. Explore, Create and Investigate through experiments, activities and hands-on tasks. What on Earth? takes the reader on a journey of discovery to explore the natural elements of our world.

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Product Details
By:Quarto Group / Tr: Mutlaq, Albert
Format:Flexi Card Cover
Pages: 64 pp, color illustrations, matte photo paper
Publisher:Librairie du-Lubnan - Butterfly Books, Beirut, 2021
Dimensions:18 x 24 cm
Topic:Children's Science Book with Activities - Water - Ages 6-9+

Kunuz 'Ealamina: al-Ma'a  كنوز عالمنا : الماء

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