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Shyness is My Problem (Ar-En Dual) مشكلتي خجلي

By: Dahir, Rania Zabib رانيا زبيب ضاهر

Language: Arabic - English


المشكلة في مشكلتي هي أنها دائما معي...أينما ذهبت أجدها بقربي تعكر صفوي و تعرقل أعمالي.
مشكلتي مزعجة، مشكلتي كبيرة، فكيف أتخلص منها؟
مشكلتي خجلي !!!
و لكن هل الخجل مشكلتي أم هو ما يميزني؟

With parallel Arabic and English, a story for elementary school age children. A girl has lived with being shy all her life - it is always with her. How does she learn to live with it and make friends? Very nice story with everyday situations. Not just for the shy child, this story is told in an way so anyone can recognize the situation and feel empathy.

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Product Details
By:Dahir, Rania Zabib رانيا زبيب ضاهر
Language:Arabic - English
Pages: 24 pp
Publisher:Academia International, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:24 x 24 cm
Topic:Children's Ar/En Story - Shyness - Ages 6-9

More Information

The essence of my problem is that it never leaves me… Wherever I go, there it is, disturbing me and obstructing my work.

My problem is so annoying. It’s a big problem, really. How do I get rid of it?

My problem is my shyness!

But is it really a problem? Or is it what makes me special?

Shyness is My Problem (Ar-En Dual)  مشكلتي خجلي

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