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Sa'imt al-'Irak ! (Xlrg) سئمت العراك

By: Major, Lenia / Ill: Kerbaj, Mazen

Language: Arabic


هذِهِ قِصَّةُ فارِسٍ شُجاعٍ يَهْوى لُعْبَةَ الْحَرْب!

إِلْتَقى يَوْمًا تِنّينًا ضَخْمًا، فَشَعَرَ بِرَغْبَةٍ في الضَّرْب!

لكِنَّ التِّنّينَ كانَ أَقْوى مِنْ ثَمانِيَةِ كِلابٍ وَحْشِيَّة!

حَوَّلَ رِمْحَ الْفارِسِ إلى مِسْواكٍ، وَقَضى عَلى كُلِّ هُجوماتِهِ الْحَرْبِيَّة!

فَيا فارِسَنا الشُّجاعَ أَلا تَرى أَنَّ الْوَقْتَ قَدْ حانَ لِتَتَعَلَّمَ مِمّا جَرى؟!

'Fed Up With The Fight' (Suffit la bagarre !). A story of a well-known knight who fights all the time. Then a dragon come who is very strong and who can burn everything in its path! Is it time for the knight - to treat people differently?

X-Large size for more fun! Great for individual or group reading.

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Product Details
By:Major, Lenia / Ill: Kerbaj, Mazen
Pages: 40 pp
Publisher:Samir Editeur, Beirut, 2013
Dimensions:24 x 33.5 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Picture Storybook - Ages 4+

Sa'imt al-'Irak ! (Xlrg)  سئمت العراك

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