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Islamic Studies Book 2 (Philips)

By: Philips, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal

Language: English


The second of a series of Islamic Education textbooks, suitable as a textbook for secondary schools, but also as a general guide to further the average person's understanding of Islam. These books will introduce Islam in an easy, comprehensible manner to Muslims.

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By:Philips, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal
Pages: 194 pp
Publisher:al-Hjidaayah Publishing & Distribution, UK
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:General Islamic Studies

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1. Tawheed: The Categories of Shirk
2. Tawheed: 'Uloo (Highness"
3. Tawheed: Seeing Allaah In This Life
4. Usool At-Tafseer: Makkan and Madeenan Revelations
5. Tafseer Soorah al-Zilzaal
6. Tafseer Soorah al-Qaari'ah
7. Tafseer Soorah At-Takaathur
8. Usool al-Hadeeth: The Origin of the Sanad
9. Hadeeth One: The Comedian
10. Hadeeth Two: Avoiding the Unimportant
11. Hadeeth Three: Innovations
12. Hadeeth Four: Islam in Theory and Practice
13. Hadeeth Five: Bribery
14. Hadeeth Six: Considering the Feelings of Others
15. Hadeeth Seven: Backbiting
16. Usool al-Fiqh: Legal Categories
17. Fiqh: Salaah
18. Fiqh: Sujood as-Sahw
19. Fiqh: Qadaa (Making Up)
20. Fiqh: Mas-H (Wiping over the socks)
21. Fiqh: Qasr and Jama'
22. Fiqh: Hajj

Islamic Studies Book 2 (Philips)
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