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Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions

By: Schroeder, Robert

Language: English


By journalist and writer Robert Schroeder, in the English language. Charting the rise of religious cults and sinister sects - a disturbing phenomenon of the twentieth century - this exploration discusses the essence of a cult's appeal and the experiences of those who were once cult members.

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By:Schroeder, Robert
Pages: 160 pp, with color photographs
Publisher:Carlton Books, 2007
Dimensions:20 x 27 cm
Topic:Religion - History and Current

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Interest in cults, sects and radical religions has grown exponentially over the course of the last few decades, although they have always been with us in one form or another. Rarely a week passes without some reference in the media to cult-related activity, though behind the attention-grabbing headlines, the wider picture of such incidents is rarely analysed.

In 'Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions', Robert Schroeder seeks to uncover the truth about these mysterious and powerful organizations, and the charismatic, sometimes mesmeric figures who front them. Tracing the existence of sects back to the very beginning of humanity, he provides a historical and cultural context, along with a compelling insight into the workings of such groups, past and present.

Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions
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